Summer season till October 21, Winter season starts Dec 22

All region Oeschinensee is officially closed after October 21, all hiking trails (and bridges) would not be maintained any more. All restaurants / hotels closed.



 Cable car: Transport of Sports equipment
Such as mountain bikes, etc. will only be transported during the first and last hour of the working day.

 Toboggan run: Rain
The sled run is only open, due to safety concerns, when the weather is dry.

 Electric shuttle bus
First ride from Berghotel Oeschinensee at 11 am, from top station of cable car at 11.30 am. The car departs every 30 mins or when full.


 Last mountain ride
The last ascent for ski and sledes is at 16.45 with the cable car. The last slope control is at 17.00. After that time the area is closed and guests are not allowed to enter due to safety reasons.

 Ski lifts
Lifts are operated daily between 9.15 and 16.15.

 Electric shuttle service
In winter NO shuttle service is provided to the lake and back.

 Mountain coaster / summer sled run
The mountain coaster / summer sled run is closed in winter.