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Winter fun above Kandersteg in the UNESCO region Oeschinensee.

The Oeschinensee is particularly charming during the cold months. It is a perfect place to enjoy the silence and serenity of nature. Leisurely walks lead you through snow-crowned forests. Ice fishermen try their luck on the frozen lake. The rapid toboggan run to Kandersteg offers speedy thrills to the courageous. Especially beginners will love the compact little skiing area. After a day out in the fresh air, the local restaurant offers you a fireplace and a nice cup of coffee to warm your hands.

Opening hours

All ski region
Dec 23 - March 19
09.00 till 16.50* / 17.00**
* last ride up/ ** last ride down

Timetable and tariffs

Check out the timetable or tariffs. Click here


Kandersteg is reachable by car or by train. There is a large parking area for those taking the cable car. More information.


Fresh, homemade delicacies wait to be eaten! We also offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free dishes. Bon appétit!

Winter hiking

Winter hiking in the mountains on the frozen Oeschinensee – a very special experience

Fun on the Sled run

Rapid descents for experienced tobogganists - probably the fastest of its kind in the whole Bernese Oberland...


For beginners, families and those getting back into skiing.

All-day offer for kids

Seeking a ski instructor... more.

Ice fishing

A unique experience at the Oeschinensee. Fish on the frozen Oeschinensee in a UNESCO World Heritage area. But be careful: make sure to wrap up warm, as it gets quite chilly!


The beautiful, authentic mountain village of Kandersteg offers a lot.

Webcam Oeschinensee

Webcam Oeschinensee

Webcam Mountain coaster

Webcam Oeschinensee

Winter hiking

Ice-skating is so 2015! This year is all about winter hiking on the frozen Oeschinensee. The UNESCO Ice Walk is incredibly serene and relaxing. Marvel at the white winter wonderland as the snow-covered mountain lake glistens in its best light. Two routes of different lengths lead you across the ice, which is up to 50 metres thick in places. Truly a special experience!

Relax and recharge

Enjoy the silence and listen to the snow – how quiet and calm it is in the middle of the lake! Feel the cold air on your skin and gaze at the wintry landscape for a touch of Alaska.

The trail is prepared with a roller and easily walkable with sturdy boots. You can choose between the short route (5), which takes around half an hour, and the long route (6), for which you will need approximately 90 minutes. Feel free to pause and watch the ice fishers try their luck in the icy depths of the lake.

Access to the Oeschinensee depends on the thickness of the ice, which is controlled regularly. The lake is only accessible when the ice is more than 12 centimetres thick throughout. Leave the winter hiking trail at your own risk. Please pay attention to the relevant information displayed at the entrance point right by the lake.

The way back to Kandersteg

The route from the mountain inn back to the cable car leads through the forest and past both ski lifts (2). Those who feel up for it can toboggan all the way back from the Oeschinensee mountain hotel to Kandersteg. Toboggan rental is available at the bottom station. There are no opportunities to rent toboggans at the Oeschinensee itself.

In the winter, the hiking trail from the Oeschinensee to Kandersteg is closed for safety reasons (danger of collision with tobogganists and skiers). For your own safety, please do not use the tobogganing slope as a hiking trail.

Overnight accommodation in Kandersteg

No overnight accommodation is available at the Oeschinensee in the winter. You can find suitable accommodation on

UNESCO Jungfrau-Aletsch

The winter hiking trail is located entirely within the UNESCO Jungfrau-Aletsch protected area.

“The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch is one of the most pristine, unspoiled areas of the entire Alpine range. Surrounded by settlements and small-scale cultural landscapes, the untouched state of this Natural Heritage Site is one of its most outstanding features (IUCN, 2001)."

Useful information & FAQ

  • Pushchair access to the Oeschinensee is limited in winter. Off-road capabilities and a hard snow cover are the minimum requirements.
  • Snow boots are not required on the winter hiking trails. All trails are prepared by machine every day. The path to the lake is only flattened with one roller, however, and sturdy boots are recommended.
  • Information about the current ice thickness and avalanche risk is available here.
  • Altitude difference between the top station and the Oeschinensee: 90 m.
  • Bathrooms are located at the Oeschinensee mountain hotel and the top station of the cable car.
  • A dog toilet (“Robidog”) is available at the bottom station. Staff at the bottom station and the Oeschinensee mountain hotel will help you dispose of dog waste bags.

How to get here

The toboggan run is found at the top station of the Oeschinensee cable cars. To get here, take the cable railway (around 8 minutes) from Kandersteg to Oeschinen. Alternatively, the toboggan run can be accessed using the hiking trail. The hike will last 1.5 hours.

From the airport by train
From the Zurich airport going towards Bern, change trains in the direction of Kandersteg.
From the Geneva airport going towards Brig, change trains in the direction of Kandersteg.

From the Kandersteg train station by foot, follow the signs to the Oeschinensee.

By car
Directions from Bern, Spiez, Kandersteg. Exit Kandersteg, then follow the signs to the lower station of the Oeschinensee cable car. The entrance road to the Oeschinensee is closed to cars.

Train schedule

Latitude: 46.497548 | longitude: 7.682728

Gondelbahn Kandersteg Oeschinensee AG
Oeschistrasse 50
3718 Kandersteg
Tel. +41 33 675 11 18

Sled run

In the winter, the local tobogganing slope may be the fastest of its kind in the whole Bernese Oberland. Ready, steady, go! Sledge like you have never sledged before on the 3.5-kilometre path. Race down the steep slopes all the way to the bottom station of the cable car.

Sled rental prices

Day ticket with sled rental, per day
plastic sled from CHF 54

Premium sled wood
1 day: CHF 20.00 
2 days: CHF 32.00
5 days: CHF 62.00

Budget sled plastic
1 day: CHF 12.00
2 day: CHF 16.00
5 day: CHF 29.00

Information sled rental
InterSport Oeschinen / GrossenSport Kandersteg
Bottom station of the cable car
Fon. +41 33 675 00 16

Informationen about snow conditions
Cable car Kandersteg Oeschinensee AG
Fon +41 33 675 11 18

Part 1

Part 2

Timetable and tariffs

The eight-person cable car takes all visiting skiers, tobogganists and hikers from Kandersteg to the Oeschinensee. It also carries strollers, wheelchairs and toboggans. Older guests, in particular, appreciate the ground-level entrance. The Oeschinensee team extends you a warm welcome.

Timetable for winter 2017

23 December till 19 March
from 9:00 to 16:50* / 17:00**
* last ride up / ** last ride down



Adults  One- wayCHF 18
Adults  BackCHF 26
Children (6–16 years) /
Half-fare travelcard /
GA travelcard
One- wayCHF 9
Children (6–16 years) /
Half-fare travelcard /
GA travelcard
  BackCHF 13

For further ticket information please check in the German section.

Buy your tickets on site. Reservations are not possible.


For beginners, families and those getting back into skiing.

Easily and quickly accessible from Thun, Bern and Solothurn. No matter whether you choose to come by car or public transport, there will be no long, winding roads or stops at endless interchange stations. The cable-car ride to the Oeschinensee only takes 8 minutes and arrives right on the slope.

Perfect for beginners

Kandersteg’s lovely little skiing area is perfect especially for beginners. Oeschiland offers several children’s lifts. More advanced skiers can slide across the gentle slopes (with snow guarantee!) to the T-bar lifts. And experts get to ski down the downhill slope all the way back to the bottom station of the eight-person cable car.

Thanks to many snow-making systems across all slopes to Kandersteg, snow is guaranteed to a certain extent.

The official Swiss skiing school “Snow Storm Kandersteg” is looking forward to welcoming you. A variety of courses and activities are offered at Since the winter of 2015 / 2016, this has been the official skiing school of Kandersteg and a member of Swiss Snowsports. It issues badges, which are particularly popular among children.

All-day offer for kids

  • 10:15 AM Meeting at the Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria
  • Escort to the bottom station
  • Mid-morning: Skiing lessons
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon: Fun & games in the snow
  • At 4:00 PM, the kids return to the Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria
  • Bookable on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a minimum of four participants A single day costs CHF 60 in addition to the group lessons.

Lunch at Oeschinensee

Nature, silence and alpine air

Fresh alpine air, snow-covered landscapes and views that are out of this world – enjoy pure nature and serenity at an altitude of 1,600 metres. Gourmets get to enjoy a fine dinner by the fireplace at the Restaurant am Oeschinensee. The signposted winter hiking trails are prepared by slope machines on a daily basis. Allow approx. 30 minutes from the top station to the frozen Oeschinensee. Sturdy shoes and warm clothes are never a bad idea.

Unique Hotel

We have been classified as a “Unique Hotel” by Hotelleriesuisse since 2016.

Homemade food tastes great!

We use regional ingredients whenever possible. Our lamb comes from our own organic farm, and we use Swiss meat for our pork and veal dishes. Most of our vegetables come from the Bernese Oberland and Seeland. We really value sustainability and ecology. We bake fresh bread, strudel, fruit tarts and much more every day. For our bread, we use white spelt flour and our 10-grain house mixture. The fruit and chocolate tarts are also made of spelt flour. You can be sure that we make everything ourselves if possible.

Pit stop

Our restaurant is located directly on the sled run to Kandersteg. Only a few meters away from the Oeschinensee, our panoramic terrace offers a terrific view into the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Organic farming

In addition to our main occupation of serving and entertaining guests, we work in our organic farm (certified by Bio-Knospe) and in the forest. There are around 40 ewes on our farmyard. Balancing the demands of our hotel and farming work is a challenge, but we really enjoy it.

We sell the wool from our sheep directly by the Oeschinensee. As supplies allow, we offer various organic lamb dishes. We only use lamb meat from our farm.

Cosy by the fire

Take a seat in an area with a view and enjoy the pleasant warmth our fireplaces provide. The wood we use to produce this heat comes exclusively from the Oeschinen Alps. Fireplaces of this type are in all the guest rooms.

For those with allergies

You can find a great number of meatless (vegetarian) dishes on our menu. As well as some which are gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan. We gladly welcome guests with allergies. We will accommodate your wishes if we can.


We can accommodate more than 150 people in our guest rooms, and the large terrace seats around 200.
We would be glad to pamper you and your guests on the Oeschinensee during your next club outing, class reunion or birthday party. Since we have a very productive kitchen, groups of up to 50 people can dine à la carte. But please be sure to let us know. For larger groups, we have group menus available which we will be happy to deliver if needed. Please contact us and let us help you.

Business hours

Season until October 23, 2016
High season: 8:00 a.m. to 18:00
Low season: 9:00 a.m. to 17:00


For the sweet tooth...

Every day we bake fruit tarts with homemade pure spelt dough, chocolate tart with pure spelt, or apple strudel. These are accompanied by our homemade vanilla ice cream and authentic “Niidle” (whipped mountain cream). In the summertime you’ll find a selection of soft ice cream coupes and homemade glacé in different aromas... mmmh.

Our Oeschi Team—Our Family

Working is like making music. You have to find the right notes for everything to play a harmonic melody, measure your forces and use them at the right time, always use the proper tone and don’t get behind... We’re very proud of our super team and enjoy working together every day. Most of the employees on our team have worked for us for years—over ten on average. We thank these employees sincerely—we couldn’t do it without them!


Adults CHF 8.00 per trip
Children up to 12 CHF 5.00 per trip

Capacity per trip: 12 people


11:30 a.m. (leave from Oeschinensee)
12:00 noon (leave from the upper station of the cable car)
until 4:30 p.m., during the high season until 5:30 p.m.


Gondelbahn Kandersteg Oeschinensee AG
3718 Kandersteg
Tel. +41 33 675 11 18