Sommersaison bis 22. Oktober 2017

Mountain coaster

Fun for everyone, right at the top cable car station!

Next to the upper station there is a summer sled run which is an attraction for both young and old – whether alone of with a companion it’s great fun.
The sled run is only open, due to safety concerns, when the weather is dry. Just get on and let yourself speed down the 750m long track!

Time table

13 may - 16 june
09.30 till 16.30
17 june - 10 september
09.30 till 17.15
11 september - 22 october
09.30 till 16.30

From November until the beginning of May, the toboggan run is closed because of snow.


1 ride CHF 5
5 rides CHF 20
10 rides CHF 35

Children (6–15.99 years)
1 ride CHF 4
5 rides CHF 15
10 rides CHF 25

Buy your tickets on site. Reservations are not possible.

% Morning ticket

10 rides: Adult only CHF 30 | children CHF 22
5 er Abo: Adult only CHF 18 | children CHF 12
Valid only form opening time until 11 am. The first ride must be done before 11 am.


The sled run is a sport area and its use is at your own risk. Insurance is your responsibility. The sled run has been tested by the IKSS (SIS110) and has been issued a safety certificate.
Folgende Regeln müssen beachtet werden:

  1. You use the run at your own risk and must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. Rain and ice require that the run is closed. If it starts to rain you must stop your run.
  3. Choose your speed so that you do not put yourself or others in danger. Always leave a 25m space between you and the sled in front of you. If you run into someone from behind you are responsible for all damages.
  4. Never stop sliding while you are on the sled run.
  5. Children under 3 years of age may not use the sled run. Children under 8 years of age may only use the sled run together with an adult or an older child (over 8 years of age) who are familiar with the run and have permission from the responsible adult. Children should always sit at the front of the sled.
  6. Always listen to and follow the instructions from the managers of the run.
  7. Do not touch the sides of the run.
  8. The purchase of a ticket means that you accept these rules. There is no possibility to sue the management of the run.

To get here

From the airport by train
From the Zurich airport going towards Bern, change trains in the direction of Kandersteg.
From the Geneva airport going towards Brig, change trains in the direction of Kandersteg.

From the Kandersteg train station by foot, follow the signs to the Oeschinensee.

By car
Directions from Bern, Spiez, Kandersteg. Exit Kandersteg, then follow the signs to the lower station of the Oeschinensee cable car. The entrance road to the Oeschinensee is closed to cars.

Train schedule (in English also)