Sommersaison bis 22. Oktober 2017

Food & Drink

Entertaining guests is our passion. We love hearing that our guests are satisfied. We pride ourselves on personal and friendly service. We enjoy working and having fun with our team of many years, and hope our guests can sense this.

Business hours

Season until October 22, 2017
High season: 8:00 a.m. to 18:00
Low season: 9:00 a.m. to 17:00

Homemade food tastes great!

We use regional ingredients whenever possible. Our lamb comes from our own organic farm, and we use Swiss meat for our pork and veal dishes. Most of our vegetables come from the Bernese Oberland and Seeland. We really value sustainability and ecology. We bake fresh bread, strudel, fruit tarts and much more every day. For our bread, we use white spelt flour and our 10-grain house mixture. The fruit and chocolate tarts are also made of spelt flour. You can be sure that we make everything ourselves if possible.

Pit stop

Our restaurant is located directly on the hiking trail of the Via Alpina 1 (Alpine Trail 1) and the Bärentreck (Bear Trail). Only a few meters away from the Oeschinensee, our panoramic terrace offers a terrific view into the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Would you like a cold plate with bacon, cheese and homemade bread, along with a glass of Cuvée Oeschinensee...?

Organic farming

In addition to our main occupation of serving and entertaining guests, we work in our organic farm (certified by Bio-Knospe) and in the forest. There are around 40 ewes on our farmyard. Balancing the demands of our hotel and farming work is a challenge, but we really enjoy it.

We sell the wool from our sheep directly by the Oeschinensee. As supplies allow, we offer various organic lamb dishes. We only use lamb meat from our farm.

For the sweet tooth...

Every day we bake fruit tarts with homemade pure spelt dough, chocolate tart with pure spelt, or apple strudel. These are accompanied by our homemade vanilla ice cream and authentic “Niidle” (whipped mountain cream). In the summertime you’ll find a selection of soft ice cream coupes and homemade glacé in different aromas... mmmh.

For those with allergies

You can find a great number of meatless (vegetarian) dishes on our menu. As well as some which are gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan. We gladly welcome guests with allergies. We will accommodate your wishes if we can. Check out our menu to see which dishes you may eat.

Cosy by the fire

Take a seat in an area with a view and enjoy the pleasant warmth our fireplaces provide. The wood we use to produce this heat comes exclusively from the Oeschinen Alps. Fireplaces of this type are in all the guest rooms.

Food menu


We can accommodate more than 150 people in our guest rooms, and the large terrace seats around 350.
We would be glad to pamper you and your guests on the Oeschinensee during your next club outing, class reunion or birthday party. Since we have a very productive kitchen, groups of up to 50 people can dine à la carte. But please be sure to let us know. For larger groups, we have group menus available which we will be happy to deliver if needed. Please contact us and let us help you.

Stress-free Picnic

An outdoor picnic - what could be better? We do all the work, and will prepare a full picnic basket for you filled with regional specialities. Simply place your order, pick it up, and go!

Our Oeschi Team—Our Family

Working is like making music. You have to find the right notes for everything to play a harmonic melody, measure your forces and use them at the right time, always use the proper tone and don’t get behind... We’re very proud of our super team and enjoy working together every day. Most of the employees on our team have worked for us for years—over ten on average. We thank these employees sincerely—we couldn’t do it without them! Get more about our staff.

Gift certificates

Give some happiness—we offer various gift certificates to the Berghotel and to the cable cars and toboggan run. Whether for an overnight stay, a fine meal or a picnic basket... just order it online and print it at home. More information.