Winter Hiking

Pure Nature, Quietude, and Cool Alpine Air

A view of a different kind – here at an elevation of 1600 m above sea level, you will find unspoiled nature and quietude. The restaurant at Lake Oeschinen invites gourmets to organic lamb from their own farm and a blazing fireplace.

A Day Trip in the Snow – Guaranteed Rejuvenation!

On the easy walk from the Kandersteg train station to the valley station (20 min), you can enjoy the charm of the authentic mountain village.
The ride on the panoramic gondola affords beautiful views of Kandersteg and the surrounding mountains of the Bernese Oberland. From the mountain station, you hike through snowy winter scenery to Lake Oeschinen.

The Berghotel Oeschinensee is your starting point for three different hiking trails or the winter hiking trail on the lake:
– Hiking trail to the ice tower, left lake shore, 30 minutes
– Fründen loop, right lake shore, 30 minutes
– Ice Walk – winter hiking trail on the frozen lake, short loop (30 min) & long loop (90 min)

Tip: Arrive by RegioExpress Lötschberger of the BLS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What gear/clothing do you recommend; are snow shoes required?

Sturdy footwear and warm clothing are recommended. Snow shoes and hiking poles are not required.

Where are the bathrooms located?

Bathrooms are located in the Berghotel Oeschinensee, as well as the mountain and valley stations.

Are bag dispensers and bins for dog waste disposal available? Are dogs allowed on the hiking trails?

Dogs are welcome any time of year.A bag dispenser and bin for dog waste is located at the valley station. Dog bags can be deposited in the waste bins at the mountain station and the Berghotel Oeschinensee.

Is there a hiking trail from Kandersteg to Lake Oeschinen?

No. There is no hiking trail to Kandersteg in the winter. All summer hiking trails are covered in snow, do not have directional signs, or are used as ski runs or sledding lanes (danger of collision!).

Can you spend the night at Lake Oeschinen?

The mountain hotels are closed for overnight stays during the winter. Not enough water and temperatures below -20° C at night make spending the night at Lake Oeschinen impossible.

How are the trails groomed / maintained?

The signposted winter hiking trails are groomed daily.

Can you hike off trail?

There are wildlife preserves and animal sanctuaries in various locations. Please be respectful of nature and remain on the marked hiking trail.

How long does it take to walk from the mountain station to the lake; what is the elevation change?

The difference in elevation from the mountain station to Lake Oeschinen is 90 m. Mountain station to the frozen Lake Oeschinen: 30 minutes.

What are the temperatures?

The region is at an elevation of 1600 m. Warm winter clothing is always recommended. Temperatures on the mountain can be cold even in sunny weather. In the early morning, temperatures on the frozen lake may be as low as -15°C.