Ice Skating Winter 2018/19 is over

Ice Skating Winter 2018/19

Schwarzeis on the Oeschinensee – indescribable!

Probably one of the most impressive and largest natural ice rinks in Switzerland! The Oeschinensee offers an indescribable backdrop – the steep mountain slopes, the snowy landscape, the frozen lake.

Ice skating is a natural spectacle and a gift of nature. And: ice skating is only possible under very specific conditions. For example, during the freezing process no snow may fall on the ice surface. Whether on skates or on foot: try it out, you will be amazed.

Review Ice Skating Winter 2018/19

06. January 2019: After nine successful days, the ice skating on the Oeschinensee on Sunday was ended by the snowfall. Meanwhile, the snow can not be cleared by machine because it has connected to the ice. Over the next few days, the paths will be prepared for the Ice Walk, so the Oeschinensee can still be walked on foot.

This winter, it was already possible for the fourth time in a row to skate on the Oeschinensee. Thanks to the social media, the news spread very quickly and many visitors from all over Switzerland and abroad made a pilgrimage to the Oeschinensee to enjoy this natural spectacle. For the first time, the ski and toboggan runs were in operation at the same time – in recent years there was a lack of snow while skating.

As in winter 2017, the gondola lift Kandersteg Oeschinensee cleared the snow mechanically from the lake during the first snowfalls. The skaters were several tracks available. This was the last time this happened on Sunday, the snow has now joined with the ice and can not be repelled.

Over the next few days, as in the last two years, the laps for the Ice Walk will be prepared on the lake. This is a winter hiking trail on the Oeschinensee. The unique feeling of walking on a frozen mountain lake with the backdrop of the Blümlisalp massif is also possible without skates.

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