Ice Walk

Winter hiking in the mountains on the frozen Lake Oeschinen – a special experience

The ice walk in the UNESCO World Heritage site is unique and peaceful. Admire the white winter scenery and the mountain peaks, the snowy mountain lake shows its wintry side. Two different trails cross the thick ice. A special kind of experience!

Peacefulness of Nature

Pssst… just listen to the snow and nature… in the middle of the lake, you can feel the cold air on your skin – a touch of Alaska.

On the lake

The trails are groomed by machine. You can hike them with sturdy footwear. The thickness of the ice and access to the lake are monitored. Walking on the ice is only allowed when the thickness of the ice is sufficient. Walking off the winter trail is at your own risk. Please observe the respective information at the access point directly at the lake.

Approximate times required

Short loop, 1.6 km, 30 minutes
Long loop, 3 km, 90 minutes

UNESCO Jungfrau-Aletsch

The entire winter hiking trail is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jungfrau Aletsch.