Experience, feel nature.

Welcome to the hiking paradise at Oeschinensee. Hiking enthusiasts from all over the world meet here and experience magical moments with fantastic views and plenty of sunshine. At Oeschinensee there are countless hikes to explore the mountains, nature and the lake. 

The mountain restaurant with its sun terrace provides culinary delights - stop in and enjoy regional products.

Hiker's paradise
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Key Facts

Explore the diverse hiking trails on and around the Oeschinensee. Whether you are motivated by pleasure or ambition - if you follow the yellow arrows, you will find your way.

Walking on and entering the hiking and mountain trails is at your own risk and responsibility. The operating conditions of the hiking trails are recommendations.

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SAC huts in the area

There are three beautiful SAC huts to discover in the Oeschinensee area:

Whether as a day or overnight guest, as a family, sportsman or pleasure hiker - there is something for everyone to experience in and around the SAC huts.

Experience, feel nature.


What you should know 

Where can I find toilets in the Oeschinensee area?

The public toilets are located at the mountain and valley stations and at the Berghotel am See. There are more toilets in the Oeschinensee area (see map). Going to the toilet in nature should be avoided. However, if you do need to use the "natural toilet", please do not leave any paper, tissues or wet wipes behind.

What outdoor guidelines should I follow when hiking?

Stay on the official hiking trails for your own safety. Before every hike, check the level of difficulty and equipment (footwear, clothing, food, etc.) and inform yourself in detail about the weather and the current danger situation. Hikes at dusk and at night should be avoided. The risk of accidents is high and most animals are active at these times. Do not enter restricted areas and protected zones.

What outdoor guidelines apply to the "Spitze Stei" exclusion zone?

A large part of the south-eastern bank at Oeschinensee has been declared a restricted area by the canton of Bern due to rockfalls. It is absolutely forbidden to enter here! There is a danger to life! Please also make people who want to enter the area aware of this and/or call the ranger on 079 481 01 12. More information at: www.gemeindekandersteg.ch/spitze-stei

What outdoor guidelines apply to behavior on pastures?

Stay calm, do not startle the animals and do not frighten them. Always close the gate and follow the hiking trail. In general, cows are curious and harmless. Whether large or small, cows and cattle always classify your dog as a predator. Keep your dog on a short lead and keep him under control. Keep as wide but safe a circle as possible around the herd.

How do I prepare properly for a hike?

What you urgently need are our Outdoor Guidelines. Find out in advance about the current local conditions, especially closures, dangers and weather conditions. Our information boards and status displays will help you find your way around. Adjust your goals and leisure activities according to your fitness and equipment. Plan enough time for the hike, take sufficient provisions with you and check your equipment.

What should I bear in mind when choosing hiking equipment?

Wear shoes suitable for the hike - preferably hiking boots. Take a rucksack and walking poles with you. Wear season-appropriate clothing and sun protection: glasses, headgear, sun cream. Spare clothes are an advantage. Food and enough to drink. Hiking map or our overview map. Charged cell phone with emergency numbers. Emergency first-aid kit and pocket knife.

What outdoor guidelines apply to waste collection and separation?

Dispose of waste in the official waste separation stations. Waste separation stations are located at the mountain and valley stations, at the mountain hotel by the lake, at the restaurants and along the main hiking trails. Respect nature and take everything - even the smallest bits and pieces, tissues, leftover food and cigarette butts - back down to the valley or separate the waste and dispose of it in the waste separation stations provided.

What outdoor guidelines apply to drone flying?

Flying drones and model aircraft is prohibited in the Oeschinensee area. There is a judicial ban, which takes precedence over the national (FOCA) and cantonal area flight zones. In this way, we protect nature and wildlife and do not disturb other guests. As a drone pilot, you are obliged to inform yourself about the applicable area restrictions before every drone flight. Some drone manufacturers have created their own geofencings. The areas shown there are specified solely by the manufacturer and do not necessarily have to comply with the legally prescribed restrictions at Oeschinensee .

What are the outdoor guidelines for camping and bivouacking?

Wild camping and overnight stays in the great outdoors are prohibited. Camping, bivouacking and spending the night in hammocks or similar is prohibited by law. Wild animals must not be disturbed at night. There is a campsite at the valley station in Kandersteg. Unauthorized vehicles have no access to Oeschinensee. The night-time quiet rule applies (from 10.00 pm).

Which outdoor guidelines should be observed when providing first aid?

Everyone is obliged to provide first aid. In an emergency, call the rescue service immediately on 1414 and inform the ranger or patrolman (ski season) on 079 481 01 12. The SOS rooms and 2 defibrillators (at the toilets of the valley station and at the exit of the mountain station) are marked on the map of Lake Oeschinen.

We provide unique and unforgettable moments in the imposing mountain world in front of the Blüemlisalp massif.