Rowing on the Oeschinensee

Already 120 years ago rowing tours were made on the lake. Today you can still explore the lake with rowing boats.

Opening hours rowing boat rental "Lago Mio

10.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., in case of bad weather on request


1 hour - CHF 29
1/2 hour - CHF 18

Additional payment: Each additional quarter of an hour: CHF 9


Arva - Berghaus am Oeschinensee
Tel. +41 33 675 11 66


  • In case of dense fog and foehn storm the boat rental will be closed.
  • If fog, foehn storm or a thunderstorm comes up, the boats must return immediately (pay attention to the fog horn).
  • Due to the danger of falling rocks, rowers are required to keep a distance of 100 meters from the rock walls.
  • The shore zone (up to 300 meters) may not be left without life jackets and life rings.
  • Boat rental is at your own risk and responsibility.
  • The reservation of rowing boats is not possible.