Gondola lift May-June

The tickets for the gondola lift can be bought online very easily. You can use the QR code by mobile phone (or printed out) directly through the turnstile to the gondola. Have a good trip

Einzelfahrten GondelbahnEinfachRetour
ErwachseneCHF 20.00CHF 26.00buy ticket
Erwachsene Halbtax, GA, SwisspassCHF 10.00CHF 13.00buy ticket
KindCHF 10.00CHF 13.00buy ticket
Gruppenfahrten, ab 10 PersonenEinfachRetour
ErwachseneCHF 16.00CHF 20.80
Erwachsene Halbtax, GA, SwisspassCHF 8.00CHF 10.40
Kind/SchulenCHF 8.00CHF 10.40

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