#Mountain child

Oeschiland Children's Park

In a heap of snow dust freed by loud children's laughter and good humour sealed with leaps of joy.

Let's give our little ones the chance to get to know snow and fun in a different way: In Oeschiland, the little ones learn skiing from the ski school in a very special way, while playing and having great fun. - If the little ones laugh, we laugh too.

Oeschiland offers beginners and kids in particular a great opportunity to learn snow sports the easy way: with the help of the magic carpet, the slopes running out and well-trained ski instructors, tedious work becomes a joyful moment that will leave its mark for life.

The Oeschilang is located directly next to the Oeschinensee mountain station.


Children's laughter

Oeschiland is free of charge for all users. Please abide by the FIS rules.

Ski school

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