Cross-country skiing

Breathe in, feel nature.

Welcome to the cross-country ski trail at Oeschinensee! Cross-country skiing enthusiasts meet here in a sunny and sheltered location. Simply small, pleasant and perfectly groomed - our trail offers everything you need for a magical winter experience.

The mountain restaurant with its sun terrace provides culinary delights - stop in and enjoy regional products.

Cross-country skiing info

Cross-country ski slope Oeschinensee - The cross-country ski slope is closed - end of season 17.03.2024

Key Facts

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can be sure of a wonderful view of the three-thousand-meter peaks of the Blüemlisalp massif on our cross-country ski trail.

  • Day tickets are available at the ticket office at the valley station, or via QR code directly on your mobile phone
  • The trail is located at the Läger, see winter map
  • From the mountain station on the winter hiking trail down to the cross-country ski trail it is approx. 10-15 minutes, see info screens 
  • 100 % natural snow
  • Daily trail preparation
  • Trail usually "skating"
  • For endurance runners and connoisseurs
  • Whether alone, as a couple, in a group or with a dog
  • More information Cross-country skiing Kandersteg

Etiquette for using the cross-country ski trail

  • Consideration: Be considerate of less experienced riders. Do not endanger or hinder anyone.
  • Signaling and running direction: Observe signals and instructions. Always run in the direction indicated.
  • Choice of lane: Getting in and out of the car cleanly protects the lane. Stick to right-hand traffic. In double or multiple lanes, the slower one runs on the right.
  • Overtaking: In single lanes, overtake to the left of the lane. In dual lanes, use the left-hand lane for overtaking.
  • Oncoming traffic: Swerve to the right in the event of oncoming traffic (runners in the same lane).
  • Poles: Keep your poles close to your body when overtaking, being overtaken and crossing and do not endanger anyone.
  • Speed: On downhill sections, adjust your speed to the terrain, visibility and your ability.
  • Keep the running lane clear: Take a breather and discuss next to the running lane. After a fall, get to safety next to the track.
  • Assistance: You are obliged to provide assistance in the event of accidents on the running track. 
  • Litter: Cross-country skiers do not leave any waste in the trail or in the terrain.

Current information AND operating status

Cable car Kandersteg - Oeschinen

Cable car Kandersteg-Oeschinensee - in operation from 8:30 - 18:00

Ski lifts
Bire ski lift closed - end of season 17.03.2024
Wittenen ski lift closed - end of season 17.03.2024

Free skiing for children and beginners
Oeschiland children's skiing closed - end of season 17.03.2024

sledge run closed in Oeschiland - end of season 17.03.2024

Schatthaus T-bar lift - Oeschiland Park - closed - end of season 17.03.2024


Piste 1 valley descent (red) - closed, the road is closed, no hiking trail, please use the official hiking trail.
Piste 2 Bire (blue) closed - end of season 17.03.2024
Piste Wittenen 3 (red) closed - end of season 17.03.2024
Piste 4 mountain station-Bire (blue) closed - end of season 17.03.2024

Piste Läger 5 (blue) - closed

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country ski slope Oeschinensee - The cross-country ski slope is closed - end of season 17.03.2024

Simply sledge run to Oeschinensee

sledge run 6 Mountain station closed at Oeschinensee - end of season 17.03.2024

Webcam Oeschinensee

Mountain station / Oeschiland
Webcam Oeschinensee

Mountain station / mountain coaster
Webcam Oeschinensee

Mountain station - Oeschinensee: 80 vertical meters

Mountain station -Oeschinensee, winter hiking trail 7 direct - open, easily accessible with winter boots
Mountain station - Oeschinensee Winter hiking trail 8 via Läger - closed
Path 9, along the lake - the path along the lake is closed and currently not accessible

Ice Walk - closed

Kandersteg - Oeschinensee: 500 vertical meters

Hike from Kandersteg to Oeschinensee - path to the lake accessible with mountain boots

Restaurant Oeschinensee - open from 09:30 to 16:00, open daily

Restaurant Bergstübli (mountain station) - open from 09:00 - 17:00

Cafebar at Oeschinensee - open 10-16h

General information: Cable car from 08:30-18:00 and hiking trail to Oeschinensee open. Above 2200m there is still snow (winter conditions)!

Hiking tip: Winter operation December - mid-March

Info restaurants:

SOS: SOS/Rescue service in the entire area: 1414


Guest service : daily from 08:30-17h for you under 0041 33 675 11 18 Cable car@oeschinensee.ch and accessible.

Lockers and ski storage

Lockers at the valley station - open from 08:00 to 18:00
Mountain station lockers - in operation
Lockers Large, medium and small lockers are available at the valley and mountain stations. Ski depots are located at the valley and mountain stations. A changing room is also available at the valley station. Payment by card, cash or cell phone possible.
Locker subscriptions can be purchased at the cash desk (7 days, 14 days, season)Locker price list:
Ski stand
15 min / free of charge
24h / Fr. 2.00
Locker M
15 min / free of charge
24h / Fr. 5.00
Locker S
15 min / free of charge
24h / Fr. 2.00
Locker L
15 min / free of charge
24h / Fr. 8.00

Picnic area

Picnic room mountain station 1st floor

At the mountain station on the 1st floor (take the path around the house). Open 10-15h. Cannot be reserved, capacity max. 40 people.

Ice fishing info: The lake may no longer be entered, ice fishing is no longer possible this season.

Ice Walk - closed

Enter Oeschinensee: Danger level 3 - No trespassing

Breathe in, feel nature.


What you should know 

Can I buy my day ticket online?

Day tickets are easy to purchase via our webshop. Load the day pass onto a key card or your SwissPass. Alternatively, day tickets can also be purchased easily and conveniently at our ticket machines or at the ticket office in front of the valley station and at the ticket counter at the valley station.

What means of payment can I use?

You can pay at the ticket machines and at the ticket office with all major credit and debit cards, except American Express. Cash and REKA are also accepted. Payment with TWINT and REKA is only possible at the ticket counter.

How do I travel by public transport?

From Spiez and Brig you can reach Kandersteg by train (BLS). From Adelboden and Frutigen there is a bus (AFA) to Kandersteg. The walk from the train station takes about 10 minutes. There is a local bus service from the station to the valley station.

Where can I find toilets in the Oeschinensee area?

The public toilets are located at the mountain and valley stations and at the Berghotel am See. There are more toilets in the Oeschinensee area (see map). Going to the toilet in nature should be avoided. However, if you do need to use the "natural toilet", please do not leave any paper, tissues or wet wipes behind.

Where can I park my car?

Paid parking spaces are available at the valley station of the Cable car in Kandersteg. Other paid parking spaces are located in the village (school building, municipality, train station, Cher).

Are lockers available at the top or bottom station?

Yes, there are lockers and ski racks at the mountain and valley stations. Payment can be made digitally by debit card, Visa/Mastercard or cash.

Is there a slope control?

Yes, please note the information "last slope check"! The daily monitoring of the marked and open slopes ends with the last slope check at 5.00 pm. Outside of the lift operating hours, the slopes are closed and may not be skied on or entered. There are snow groomers on the slopes and avalanche blasting may take place.

What outdoor guidelines must be observed in wildlife rest areas and protected areas?

Do not enter wildlife rest areas, plant protection areas and restricted zones. Signposts mark the protected areas where special rules apply. Never leave the marked paths and tracks and always follow the signs. Plants may not be dug up, picked or trampled. Let the plants bloom for other guests too!

What outdoor guidelines apply to waste collection and separation?

Dispose of waste in the official waste separation stations. Waste separation stations are located at the mountain and valley stations, at the mountain hotel by the lake, at the restaurants and along the main hiking trails. Respect nature and take everything - even the smallest bits and pieces, tissues, leftover food and cigarette butts - back down to the valley or separate the waste and dispose of it in the waste separation stations provided.

Which outdoor guidelines should be observed when providing first aid?

Everyone is obliged to provide first aid. In an emergency, call the rescue service immediately on 1414 and inform the ranger or patrolman (ski season) on 079 481 01 12. The SOS rooms and 2 defibrillators (at the toilets of the valley station and at the exit of the mountain station) are marked on the map of Lake Oeschinen.

We provide unique and unforgettable moments in the imposing mountain world in front of the Blüemlisalp massif.