Experience, feel nature.

Welcome to Oeschinensee. Here guests can experience magical moments by the lake with fantastic views and plenty of sunshine. The Oeschinensee area offers everything you need for a magical stay and plenty of barbecue spots. Satisfy your hunger with your own barbecue on the banks of the Oeschinensee and enjoy your experience of nature! 

Protect nature - take your firewood with you or buy eco-friendly barbecue bags at the mountain hotel. Finding firewood at Lake Oesschinen is very difficult due to the high number of visitors. Felling trees is a punishable offense.

PS: The grill bags are made by an integrative workshop for the long-term unemployed and the wood comes 100% from Switzerland. 

Experience, feel nature.


What you should know 

How do I travel by public transport?

From Spiez and Brig you can reach Kandersteg by train (BLS). From Adelboden and Frutigen there is a bus (AFA) to Kandersteg. The walk from the train station takes about 10 minutes. There is a local bus service from the station to the valley station.

What means of payment can I use?

You can pay at the ticket machines and at the ticket office with all major credit and debit cards, except American Express. Cash and REKA are also accepted. Payment with TWINT and REKA is only possible at the ticket counter.

Do children travel free of charge on Cable car?

Yes, children under the age of 6 travel free of charge on Cable car. The Junior Card is valid, please show it at the turnstile.

Where can I find toilets in the Oeschinensee area?

The public toilets are located at the mountain and valley stations and at the Berghotel am See. There are more toilets in the Oeschinensee area (see map). Going to the toilet in nature should be avoided. However, if you do need to use the "natural toilet", please do not leave any paper, tissues or wet wipes behind.

What outdoor guidelines apply to parties and events?

Parties and events with loud music, alcohol and noise etc. are out of place and prohibited. On the other hand, we are happy to welcome groups who respect the animals and plants and enjoy nature with care. Observe the outdoor guidelines, be careful and protect nature.

What are the outdoor guidelines for making a fire and barbecuing?

Only use the official barbecue sites for making fires. Due to the risk of forest fires, fires are only permitted at official barbecue sites (see map). It is forbidden to cut down trees, branches etc. from the wild. Firewood can be purchased at the Berghotel am See. In principle, outdoor barbecues are permitted in Switzerland - as long as neither public nor private property is damaged. However, you should check the website waldbrandgefahr.ch for the current danger level beforehand, as the risk of forest fires changes rapidly.

What outdoor guidelines apply to waste collection and separation?

Dispose of waste in the official waste separation stations. Waste separation stations are located at the mountain and valley stations, at the mountain hotel by the lake, at the restaurants and along the main hiking trails. Respect nature and take everything - even the smallest bits and pieces, tissues, leftover food and cigarette butts - back down to the valley or separate the waste and dispose of it in the waste separation stations provided.

What outdoor guidelines apply to drone flying?

Flying drones and model aircraft is prohibited in the Oeschinensee area. There is a judicial ban, which takes precedence over the national (FOCA) and cantonal area flight zones. In this way, we protect nature and wildlife and do not disturb other guests. As a drone pilot, you are obliged to inform yourself about the applicable area restrictions before every drone flight. Some drone manufacturers have created their own geofencings. The areas shown there are specified solely by the manufacturer and do not necessarily have to comply with the legally prescribed restrictions at Oeschinensee .

What are the outdoor guidelines for camping and bivouacking?

Wild camping and overnight stays in the great outdoors are prohibited. Camping, bivouacking and spending the night in hammocks or similar is prohibited by law. Wild animals must not be disturbed at night. There is a campsite at the valley station in Kandersteg. Unauthorized vehicles have no access to Oeschinensee. The night-time quiet rule applies (from 10.00 pm).

Which outdoor guidelines should be observed when providing first aid?

Everyone is obliged to provide first aid. In an emergency, call the rescue service immediately on 1414 and inform the ranger or patrolman (ski season) on 079 481 01 12. The SOS rooms and 2 defibrillators (at the toilets of the valley station and at the exit of the mountain station) are marked on the map of Lake Oeschinen.

We provide unique and unforgettable moments in the imposing mountain world in front of the Blüemlisalp massif.