Grilling at Lake Oeschinen – don’t worry about a thing and still have a great experience.

No planning, no coordinating, no lugging of heavy bags – just order from the road, pick it up, and take off.

Its all about the experience. Make your own fire, have fun and get the smoky smell in your nose.


  • Eco grill bag, firewood 100 % Swiss
  • Sausage from the Bernese Highlands (pork/veal) or veggie sausage (vegan)
  • 2 types of house-made bread
  • Small mixed salad with Oeschi dressing
  • Potato chips
  • Tomato, pickles & serving of mustard
  • Legendary Oeschi herb butter, yum
  • Oeschi water – can be exchanged for a soft drink in the shop
  • Lighter or matches (rental)
  • Telescoping grill skewer (rental)
  • Cutting board for bread and a cutting knife (rental)
  • Fluffy wool blanket (rental)
  • Basket (rental)

CHF 35 per person

2 person minimum

This is how it works
We do the work for you and prepare everything you need for your grill outing:

  1.  Order
  2.  Pick up
  3.  Make a fire and start having fun

Groups of 8 persons or more

The amount of grill bags, mustard, cutting boards, etc. is modified based on the number of persons in the group.

CHF 29 per person (Group of 8+ paying persons).

Firewood: Sold in the shop

Grill bags, 100% natural, 100% Swiss.  Using them is easy:

  1.  Set grill bag into the fire pit.
  2.  Light the fuse and watch progress.
  3.  After approx. 25 minutes, you can start.

Grill shop

From Summer 2018 several grill products are sold in the shop near the Berghotel Oeschinensee. Beer, wine, meat, fruits, bread, etc is sold.


Please order by 10:30 am on the day of arrival, pick-up at the Berghotel Oeschinensee. There are designated grill stations at Lake Oeschinen that must be used. If these are not available, please grill along the shore of the lake. We charge a deposit of CHF 20 per set.

Grilling Stations
Here, the official grilling stations of Lake Oeschinen are indicated. These cannot be reserved – first come, first served. Please do not start a fire on the cow pastures; maintain a distance of at least 100 m to the edge of the forest. The bottom of your fire pit should be made of stone or sand; extinguish your fire before you leave.