Fishing at Lake Oeschinen

Fishing in mountain lakes is a discipline in itself, but yields great fun. Time of day and weather have a great influence on the chances of success.

Fishing patents

Daily and weekly permits can be obtained directly from the restaurants on Oeschinensee. Fishing items such as maggots, worms, hooks, fishing rods or ice drills are not sold or rented at the lake. You should bring these yourself. The following applies to fishing in Lake Oeschinen Bernese cantonal fishing law for mountain lakes.

Prices patents

Adults: CHF 32.00
Children up to 16 years: CHF 20.00
Youth 17 to 25 years: CHF 26.00
Two fishing rods are allowed per person.

Fishing boat rental


Full day (9.00-18.00): CHF 80.00
Half day (9.00-12.00 or 15.00-18.00): CHF 40.00
The boats have fish box and anchor.

Opening hours rental fishing boats:

For day guests: 9.00-18.00, for hotel guests: 7.00-19.00 

When the Arva Mountain House is closed, fishing boats are available before 10:30 a.m. only with advance reservation until 12 noon the day before.


Arva - Berghaus at Lake Oeschinen:
Tel. +41 33 675 11 66

Rules for fishing in the mountain lake (among others).

  • It is allowed to fish with two fishing rods with a maximum of two baits each (attention: the fishing rods must not be left unattended)
  • Fishing with barbs is prohibited without a certificate of competence
  • Caught fish that reach the catch minimum may not be moved back
  • Continuing fishing after handling six noble fish is prohibited
  • The holders of a fishing license are obliged to keep catch statistics.
  • Further information: Expertise information fisheries


Fisheries Inspectorate, Office for Agriculture and Nature
Schwand 17,
3110 Münsingen, Tel. +41 31 636 14 80