Ice Fishing

From January 1 until about mid-March, fishing is possible in the ice. In winter the lake is covered with 30-50 centimeters thick ice face. 

A little insight for those interested:
Fish from the ice hole - it doesn't get fresher than this
By Nico Morawitz, Olivia Sasse and Christian Thumshirn


Opening hours 9.00-17.00

Access to the frozen lake & ice fishing - Hazard level 3

Pay attention to the signs at the valley station, the mountain station and the Oeschinensee restaurant! They indicate the corresponding avalanche situation.

Infoline 033 552 18 04

Current hazard level 3 

In any case, please follow the signs on site.

Hazard level 1

Hazard level 2

Hazard level 3

Entering Lake Oeschinen

Lake Oeschinen is a cantonal water body. Entering the lake at any time is at your own risk. An individual assessment of the situation must be made before entering the ice. Please note the thickness of the ice as well as the avalanche bulletin. A recommendation about the avalanche situation is given by avalanche and ice specialists of the municipality of Kandersteg.

Ice thickness and times

Ice fishing is possible from 1 January until mid-March. The average ice thickness is 30 to 50 cm. At 5 p.m. is the last descent and slope check. All ice fishermen must then go down to the valley.

Please note: Into the valley only with ski equipment or with the gondola!

Fishing articles and ice drills

No equipment such as drills or rods are rented or sold at Lake Oeschinen - please bring all the necessary utensils with you. Drills and rods can be rented in Kandersteg:

Bernhard Lauber, Innere Dorfstrasse 88, 3718 Kandersteg
Tel.: +41 79 282 14 67 (evenings 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.)

Reservation mandatory!


Sale of day passes at the Alphüsi Food Truck at the Berghotel Oeschinensee or at the Tourist Center Kandersteg.

  • Adults: CHF 32.00
  • Youths up to 16 years: CHF 20.00
  • Trainees 17 to 25 years: 26.00
  • Two fishing rods are allowed per person.

Further information on fishing ponds can be found here.


Fishing is subject to the Bernese-Cantonal Fisheries Act.
Further information: Website

Hiking trails

Please keep a minimum distance of 50 metres from the hiking trail. Water can get onto the ice through the drilled holes, this makes it difficult to machine the winter hiking trails on Lake Oeschinen. Thank you!

More info for ice fishing on Lake Oeschinen

Good and warm clothing is very important when ice fishing. Warm and waterproof shoes with a thick sole protect you from the cold below, which is also present in sunny weather. Windproof and waterproof trousers and jackets protect you from the cold and any chilly wind on the lake. It is advisable to wear several layers of clothing that can be taken off if necessary. It is not uncommon to be able to ice fish in a jumper or T-shirt in sunny weather (from mid-February).

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